richard whitlock

 Photographs and films in orthogonal parallel projection

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Without Breaking

To make something that holds up, but only by the idea of the Artist!

That holds up only itself, that holds itself up by itself, in a sort of miracle.

That thumbs its nose at the world of weight and of weightlessness – at the world and the non-world.

This, Dear Spectator, it is not about architecture. You see an object ready to break, but that does not break at all. You see a column on the point of falling down, but that holds up. You see something like emptiness – no: the appearance of emptiness, the emptiness that will be left by this column when it falls, but that does not fall.

The “Leaning Sculpture” of Richard Whitlock works within new limits (other works have shown, in particular, the limits of bending, but that is another story) : to put it simply, what happens under a column that is about to fall?

What happens under our feet when we stagger?

When we stagger, without really staggering, and without breaking.

Bernard Dumont, Montreal, 21 May 20