richard whitlock

 Photographs and films in orthogonal parallel projection

   moving pictures      installations      Light/buoyant puzzle sphere
Light/buoyant puzzle sphere, Beijing Biennale 2017 (Construction in Studio)

Material: Expanded polystryrene (Φελισόλ)


Dimensions: 250cm diameter


Concept: 轻飘谜球 “Light/buoyant Puzzle Sphere" explores the relationship of sculpture to gravity. It uses a very light material and makes it even lighter - as if at some point it will become lighter than air and float away. It explores the expressive potential of a relatively new material, expanded polystyrene, a material used in sculpture mainly for packaging or moulding but rarely used as a material in its own right. With almost no resistance to the sculptor’s tools it demands restraint, a delicacy in execution. The rings that comprise the work are cut at different angles so that they will always form a sphere whatever order they are assembled in. 


The Sphere with works by Danae Stratou (Part of Soul Forest), Antreas Lolis (Rubbish bags carved out of black marble), and Kostas Bassanos (Stack of black letters), and Panos Tasgaris (Black painting).