richard whitlock

 Photographs and films in orthogonal parallel projection

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The Hospital, HD video projection, 150 x 550cm, 2009.

A composite moving picture of the nurses' station at the plastic surgery clinic of a hospital in Thessaloniki. It uses an orthogonal parallel projection, like The Street. The nurses have been edited out, along with the patients and visitors, but they can be seen reflected in the metallic surfaces of the reception desk as if these surfaces had somehow recorded their movements and are now playing them back. The projected image is mirror-size, i.e. half the size of the space it depicts, and, when the reflections move, you think somebody has just come into the room and you look round to see who it is.

First shown in 2009 in the art space Espace Vallès, Grenoble, France, in the exhibition / film festival Kiss Kiss BANG BANG curated by Anne Abou and Cédric Micchi. Also shown at the contemporary art festival Anakata in Thessaloniki in 2011.

Full video (6 minute loop): https://vimeo.com/73051260